Agenda is a simple easy to use scheduler. Its interface has two panes each displaying a different date.

On startup the left pane displays today or the next available date. The following day is displayed in the right pane.

You can insert a new date or edit one in either pane.

The program doesn't allow you to insert a new record with an already existing date. If you try to insert a new record with - or change a record's date to - a date for which a record already exists, the program beeps and the latter is displayed in the other pane. When you want to replace that record, just re-issue the command.


Version 1.04
06.08.08 Fixed: when changing date mistakenly to same date, no action is taken.
23.08.07 pressing F4 or F8 adds 4 resp. 8 weeks to the current date.

Version 1.03
31.07.04 Keystrokes are now intercepted when minimized to tray.
16.07.04 '+7 days' button adds 14 days when clicked while the shift key is hold down.

Version 1.02
20.06.00: When the requested record in the current pane is the same as in the other pane, panes are switched.

Version 1.01
06.12.99: Shift-F5 now copies both columns instead of only the second column.
24.11.99: Date is displayed now according to Windows' regional settings.

Version 1.00:
first public release