Welcome to my freeware site

My name is Willy Vanhaelen. I was born in Leuven in 1939 and live here ever since.

Leuven (Louvain), well known by it's famous university and 550 years old city hall, is a little town 25 km east of Belgium's as well as Europe's capital Brussels.

My profession is accountant but I am retired now. So I have plenty of time to practice my hobby's which are SCUBA diving, jogging, biking, Internet and programming (Assembler and Visual Basic).

I developed the software presented here merely for fun and also because I want the programs I use to respond exactly to my needs. Since I like working with them every day, I thought it would be a good idea to let others enjoy them as well. Hence this site.

Since only myself does the programming (there are no beta testers involved), there will still be some bugs despite the fact that I work already a long time with them. I don't ask money for these programs. The only thing I ask is, if you discover a bug, to warn me and describe how to reproduce it. So you can be my beta tester.

A little e-mail with comments and/or suggestions will also be appreciated.

But there is more... If you are interested, you can get the source code for free as well. Simply send me an e-mail mentioning the program whose code you want. I would appreciate it if you could tell me the reason for which you want it (studies, hobby...).

Be aware though that I didn't write the source code for tutorial purposes. So I only included comments where it was useful to me. There are certainly many places that are clear to me but difficult to understand for an outsider. So if you don't understand some parts of the code that are important to you, you can always ask by e-mail. I will be glad to help if I can (no guarantees though).

W h a t 's   N e w  . . .

29.10.10 Links2Tray Version 2.52: fixed error due to changed format of Firefox bookmarks file.
27.07.12 Agenda Version 1.04 (minor changes). Now install includes VB5 runtime files.
25.04.12 MTB tracks Nieuw: Aan 'Leuven-Meerdaal' en 'Leuven-Vossem' werden elk een nieuwe variant toegevoegd.
26.07.11 Calculator Version 2.10: some improvements.
25.07.10 Stoomtramroute Fietsroute die ▒ het oud tracÚ van de stoomtram Sterrebeek - Hamme-Mille volgt.
30.05.10 Fietsroutes Twee routes aangepast aan een gewijzigde verkeersituatie (afgeschafte overweg).
19.08.08 Fietsknooppunten Waypoints van Fietsknooppuntennetwerk Centraal Brabant vervolledigd.
30.07.07 Customize the Ribbon Sub page with a real-life example using a ready to download add-in and Office 2007 Ribbon.
21.06.07 Alphabetical Disorder Excel versus conventional sorting.
18.01.07 Htmlpad Version 2.09 (minor changes and install bug fixed).
01.03.05 How this site is setup Updated to reflect the changes made to the menu.
20.02.05 General Menu new look is now floating so it remains always visible while scrolling the page.
30.07.03 Index Nieuw: index der Belgische consumptieprijzen van 1920 tot nu.
New: Belgian consumer price indices from 1920 till now.
25.01.03 Perpetual calendar Version 2.1: cosmetic upgrade (enhanced color formatting).
11.02.02 Download The installation files for all Windows applications are now self installing .EXE files.
10.11.01 Belgian postal codes Version 2.01 (minor changes).
01.10.00 Home Added: What's New...
01.09.00 Startup manager Description of a simple startup manager using VB script.
19.12.99 Compaction manager Version 2.08.
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